Electronic Discovery Processing


A proven process producing verifiable results!

Now that you have a manageable data set, the next logical step is to process your data into a review able format. We have spent countless hours perfecting our procedures for electronic discovery processing. This set of practices has been developed over the last ten years and has evolved with drastic changes in technology over that time period. Our tools are industry standards and have proven to be the most reliable and trusted in electronic discovery, as well, our project management staff is trained in the use of these tools with tireless attention paid to the details that matter the most. We make it standard practice to utilize the best tools for each project and each project may require a different set tools, this is all dictated by you, our client.

The three most common forms of processing include:

  • Full TIFF - All files will be converted into TIFF images with extracted text and/or OCR.

  • Native File - All native files will be converted and formatted for review within the review application of your choice. The database will include the link to the native file, extracted text (for any file that has text) and metadata fields.

  • Fully Searchable Native File - This process is recommended if keyword searching is necessary. With this we will determine if extracting text was not possible for relevant files (ex: non-searchable .pdf), and will TIFF and apply OCR, thus applying searchable text to these documents prior to loading them into your review application.

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