Data Minimization



Electronically Stored Information has grown beyond belief and with each case the volume of data to be reviewed continues to expound. Tighter budgets and stricter federal regulations demand that both in-house and outside counsel work as efficiently as possible. 

Using industry leading tools and processes we can logically and systematically reduce the amount of data to be reviewed for relevancy. The result is typically a savings of tens of thousands of dollars & hours upon hours of time, all while maintaining the integrity of your data beyond reproach and delivering a process that is safe from the scrutiny of opposing counsel.

Below is a short listing of some of the processes we use to accomplish data minimization:

  • De-NIST –  The removal of operating system files, program files and other non-user created data, as specified by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

  • De-duplication – The filtering of duplicate documents can be performed on a Custodian or Global level.

  • Date range filtering – The documents within a specified date range are the only documents that will emerge from the data collection.

  • Keyword filtering – Metadata fields and document content are searched for specific keywords.  Only those documents containing the keywords are processed and delivered.

  • Privileged filtering – Email addresses or specific names are eliminated from the review collection based on their privileged status.

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